If your intention is to relocate to Singapore to run / operate your company, you will need to obtain an Employment Pass.

There is no quota system limiting the number of Employment Pass that is issued to a Company. Approval for employment Pass applications by Ministry of Manpower is based on credentials of the employing Company and the applicant.

The types of Employment Passes and respective qualifying salaries are as per below:


Types Qualifying Criteria Relevant for Privileges, Levies, Taxes
P1 • Fixed Monthly Salary >= $8,000
• Possess acceptable degrees, professional qualifications
Mostly for C-level executives
P2 • Fixed Monthly Salary >= $4,500
• Possess acceptable degrees, professional qualifications
Mostly mid-management level executives Pass-holder can apply Dependent Pass for his/her spouse and children (under 21 years old); This can be applied together with Employment Pass application, or after Employment Pass is approved. Expiry Date of Dependent Pass is tied to the Employment Pass.
Q1 • Fixed Monthly Salary > $3,300
• Possess specialist skills
• Young graduates from good institutions could qualify
• Older applicants would have to command higher salaries to qualify, commensurate with the work experience and quality they are expected to bring
Only Q1 Pass holders earning a fixed Monthly Salary of at least $4,000, can apply Dependent Pass for his/her spouse and children (under 21 years old).


Our service for Employment Pass Application includes:

• Compilation and Submission of required documents
• Meeting client to verify information provided;
• A professional letter written separately to support client’s application.
• Application of Employment Pass with Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
• Monitoring of Status from Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
• Follow-Up with MOM for required clarifications for review and approval
• One time appeal, in the event initial application is rejected;

Process/Documents Needed

• The applicant to be present at personally at the time of filing the application
• Bring NRIC and/or Passport of applicant; with contact numbers & email-addresses;
• Get ready your (a) Company Name; (b) Registered Office Address for your Company (c) Proof of Foreign Address (eg. Utility or Mobile Bill)
• Local Main Contact Person – Contact Numbers, Email-Addresses, Mailing Address (if unable to contact foreign directors)
• A copy of resume detailing the applicant’s work experience
• Copies of educational certificates and past employment testimonials
• A passport-size photograph taken within the past three months
• A copy of the personal particulars page of the applicant’s passport
• Copy of business profile for the Singapore company
• Detailed description of the duties to be performed by the applicant
• Detailed description of activities and/or products of the company
• Tenancy agreement of the place of business operations in Singapore
• Official Marriage certificate (For applicant with Singaporean spouse only)
• Applicant’s Spouse Educational Details (if status is married)
• Upon receiving payment, we will file your employment pass application on your behalf. The end-to-end processing time for an EP application is about five (5) weeks. Processing time may take longer during peak periods or when additional information is required from the various economic agencies. For appeal cases, application will take additional four (4) to six (6) weeks.
• The application status is available online approximately 21 days after submitting the application.
• An In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter will be mailed to the employer if the application has been approved.
• The In-Principle Approval letter is valid for 6 months, and you must come to Singapore to collect your Pass before expiry date. You are required to produce your IPA letter, along with other documents listed in the IPA letter (eg. Passport, medical exam report, etc), to collect your Employment Pass when you arrive in Singapore.

Any documents that are not in English must be officially translated into English.