A company may apply to ACRA to be struck off the register but it must fulfill the below conditions:

• The company has ceased operation; or not commenced business from the date of incorporation
• The company has no assets and liabilities;
• The company is not and will not be involved in any court proceedings, whether in or outside Singapore;
• The company has no outstanding penalties or offers of composition fine owing to ACRA and not indebted to other government departments;
• the company has no outstanding tax liabilities owing to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (“IRAS”);
• The company has no outstanding charges in its charge register eg. no mortgages etc.;
• None of the officers of the company have outstanding ACRA summonses;
• Obtained the written consent of the majority of the shareholders;


• Preparation of application forms (with supporting documents)
• Preparation of Directors’ Resolution
• Preparation of Letter from Directors to ACRA
• Preparation Letter from Shareholders to ACRA
• Preparation Letter of Confirmation from each Director

Process/Documents Needed

• All directors/shareholders to be present at the time filing the application
• Bring NRIC and/or Passport of all directors/shareholders;
• Bring your bank closure statement;
• Bring last set of Financial Statement (up till the date the company’s bank account is closed), where all assets and liabilities of the company need to be cleared; (If you need assistance to prepare your last set of financial statement and tax submission, email us now!)
• Tax Clearance Acknowledgement from IRAS;
• Upon receiving payment, we will prepare full-set of strike-off documents and apply on your behalf. The entire strike-off process takes approximately 5 to 6 months. (Exclude tax clearance time needed by IRAS).