Many kinds of business activities require licences and approval. So even if your business in Singapore has been registered, you cannot begin to operate unless you have the necessary approval or licences from the relevant Government authorities.

ACRA is responsible for the registering of businesses, companies and LLPs, as well as ensuring that the regulatory requirements relating to registration are complied with. ACRA does not regulate how the business is conducted, but the business may be subject to control and regulation by other Government authorities.
You will need to apply for the necessary licences before or after you register your business with ACRA, depending on the business nature. The different types of licences can be broadly classified into the following three categories:

Occupational licences for professional services – If your business offers certifiable professional services, your practitioners need to get occupational licences.

Compulsory licences – Certain types of businesses require a special licence before they can operate. Private schools, video companies, travel agencies, liquor distributors, moneylenders, banks and childcare centres are some examples.

Business activity licences and permits – In the course of running your business in Singapore, you may need to renovate, erect advertising billboards on your premises, hire foreign workers or export your products. You may also decide to start selling controlled goods such as cigarettes and liquor. For each of these activities, you will need to get a licence or permit.


Chan Management Services helps you understand which licences you may require and to assist to handle the application process on your behalf. The commonly requested licenses include:

• HDB Home Office
• Public Entertainment / Liquor
• Employment Agency
• Foodstall / Foodshop
• Massage
• Tobacco (Retail)
• Telecommunication

Process/Documents Needed

• One (1) business owner/director to be personally present at the time of applying for licence.
• Bring NRIC and/or Passport of business owner/director;
• Get ready your existing Entity Name;
• Upon receiving payment and all supporting documents, we will prepare and file the license application on your behalf. Once the license has been approved, you will be informed in writing.