Business Concierge Service is the specific partner service that we offer to StartUps/SMEs and our other Business Partners to connect with each other. We work with our Business Partners to provide special pre-negotiated offers to our SMEs. For our StartUps/SMEs, you may produce your card to enjoy the pre-negotiated offers from our Business Partners.
Services offered to SMEs through the Business Concierge Service (via our Business Partners) are in below categories:

Code Services Offered

  • BF Banking / Financing Services
  • AL Accounting / Legal Advisory Services
  • CD Credit Management & Debt Recovery Services
  • OE Office Space / Supplies / Equipment / Renovation Services
  • TI Telecommunications Services – phone, mobile, broadband, internet services
  • IT Information Technology – software, hardware, networking services
  • LW Logistics & Warehousing Services
  • SM Sales & Marketing / Printing Services
  • CP Consultancy / Professional Services


Our service deliverable for Business Concierge Service Business Partner:
• Design, Print, Pre-Qualify & Distribute Partner Business Discount Card (2k/yr) @ Front Counters
◦ PocketCards are inserted in Customer Folder to be distributed to Customers
• Mobile Feature to interact with customers
◦ SMS company name & phone number to customer mobile;
◦ Direct SMS request for call/quotation to BCS partner;

We also offer other marketing outreach options, including:

• Co-Event Sponsorships,
• Direct Mail Service,
• Inserts in Customer Folder,
• Take-One Placement etc.