Under section 199 of the Companies Act, directors are to ensure that the company keeps proper accounting and other records to sufficiently explain the transactions and financial position of the company.

Directors are also required to present at AGM, company’s accounts that comply with the requirements of the Accounting Standards and which give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company to its shareholders.

For most SMEs, it is costly and difficult to employ and retain experienced accounting/book-keeping staff. Furthermore, the implementation / maintenance of accounting technology and training of staff to use the applications and be updated on changes in compliance, accounting standards, CPF or labour law is also a constant challenge.

We have optimised our operational process through technology and we are able to deliver accounting service efficiently and at an affordable fee for you.

The full-suite of our services include:

• Book-keeping/ Accounting
• Financial Statement Preparation
• GST Computation & Submission
• Tax Computation/ Filing Service; and
• Payroll Service


Our book-keeping/accounting service includes:

• Entering all transacted accounting records such as sales invoices and payment vouchers
• General Ledger Maintenance
• Accounts Payable Ledger Maintenance
• Accounts Receivable Maintenance
• Bank Reconciliation
• Management Report (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet)
By the end of periodical services, we will generate necessary management report for your approval.

Process/Documents Needed

• One directors/ manager to be present during the time of filing.
• Bring along Monthly Bank Statements, Sales Invoices, Payment Vouchers, Cash/Cheque Deposits, Purchase Invoices and Salary Details for Financial Period;
• Provide Estimated Annual Sales Turnover of Company