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Jumpstart your business

Jumpstart your business

As one of the leading economies in the Asia Pacific region, Singapore offers a plethora of opportunities in business. The stable economic environment and sound business infrastructure are what attracts entrepreneurs from all parts of the world set up their new businesses in Singapore. Chan Management Services as an efficient trusted and widely respected consulting firm helps such business houses to blend into the highly competitive environment in Singapore while getting all its benefits. 

Striving to achieve synergies between the monitoring of corporate compliance with disclosure requirements and regulation of public accountants performing statutory audit is what Chan Management Services is all about.

Chan Management Services is a well-established accounting and corporate secretary organization providing professional support services to entrepreneurs and business owners. Efficiently led by Suresh Karun, a professional financial advisor with more than 4 decades’ experience in the field, this one-stop facilitation centre with a spectrum of services, provides a responsive and trusted regulatory environment for all kinds of businesses, public accountants and corporate service providers.

In addition to being qualified to act as a company secretary for companies in Singapore, Suresh Karun is qualified Chartered Accountant from India. It is in fact this unique combination of qualifications from both the countries that provides that additional touch of competence to all forms of services provided by Chan Management Services.

Each business owner in any given sector is given a reliable, comprehensive and trusted support to start and grow their business with a depth and breadth of services that cater to their business ambitions. As a corporate service provider, we assist both local and foreign entrepreneurs to conduct & start a business in Singapore with the greatest ease, in the shortest period and in the most informed manner. 


To be the most preferred one-stop business solutions provider to start-ups and SMEs in Singapore.


  • To help clients in the entire business cycle by offering support built on the foundation of trust and value at each step of their business journey.
  • To provide a comprehensive suite of services to meet all the requirements for setting up a new business & helping an already set business run even more efficiently in Singapore.
  • To stay committed to helping entrepreneurs and business owners start, manage and grow their business in Singapore with a piece of mind at an affordable price.